The Revelation that Lit Up Our Diwali

The world around us has become very visually attractive. Be it travel destinations, consumer products or desserts, creativity has no limit whatsoever anymore. The baking industry or rather the whole of F&B industry has grown leaps and bounds in the creativity department. Every season we see topical posts and topical themed food and decor on our social media accounts and other media platforms. Baking itself and baking photography has become such a dynamic space, that a trend remains a trend for hardly a whole season.

Diwali 2021 was our first Diwali. We created a few new recipes and looks which were loved by our customers.

Social Media has been raving over bucket desserts ever since Rakhi 2021. So we decided to do a version that looks even more cute and attractive – The Trans Ball Cheesecake.
(No, we do not claim copyrights for this idea. It has been done by others too.)

Nevertheless we have loved our pretty little balls of cheesecake joy.

We took our signature cheesecake, transformed the flavor according to the festival and VOILA!!! We discovered the Rasmalai Cheesecake ball.

It’s perfect for a gifting option, especially for festivals like diwali and rakhi. They come in two sizes: 125g ang 500g

It’s small and petite.

Festivals in India are about a lot of things and one of those many things are: sweet dishes.
Kaju Katli, Badam Katli, Rasgulla, Motichoor Ladoo, Gulab Jamun, to name a few, are a few crowd favorite delicacies.

Rasmalai is an Indian sweet dish that hails its origin from the state of Bengal. There are two parts to a rasmalai. The malai and the rasgulla. The rasgulla is made from paneer or cottage cheese which is flattened and soaked in the malai.

To us a cheesecake must be creamy, silky, and smooth. Our cheesecake recipe is not dense like a New York cheesecake, but is equally rich and just as special. There’s no denying its decadence.

How to Choose your Basic Ingredients

  1. Cream cheese: The cream cheese for the filling of this cheesecake needs to be pure cream cheese and not cream cheese spread. There’s no diets allowed in cheesecake, so don’t pick up any kind of reduced fat variety! We use one of two brands, D’lecta and Philadelphia.
  2. Digestive Biscuits: For the base of this recipe we use digestive biscuits only from Nutri Choice. Personally we do not like the rusk that most other digestive biscuits have and the crunchiness of this particular brand is really nice. The sugar content is also balanced and not too sweet.
  3. Whipping Cream: I recently tested a cheesecake recipe with Rich Gold whipping cream, which was marvellous. Alternatively we use tropolite whip cream since the stiffness is a tad bit better.