Cheese-In-Cake is an all-day home-bakery specializing in a wide variety of cheesecakes. We also serve cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. What’s more? We specially customize the looks of all of the above as per your needs. We are open for business 7 days a week and prefer to take pre-booked orders to maintain freshness in all our goodies.

I am Vidhi Shah, the owner of my home bakery venture, Cheese-In-Cake. I am a self-taught home baker from South Mumbai. I promise to serve delicious sweet bakes to each and every one of my clients, without compromising on taste and flavors. Baking fills me with so much joy as I know my creation will bring a smile and happiness to a lot of people on their special day. After having fun baking for 10 years as a hobby, I finally decided to channelise my hobby, into work. And it does wonders for me. The joy of bringing a smile and some sweetness into the life of others, the sweet aroma of all the fresh bakes the day and night toil of how to do TNBT.

We are one of the few bakers in Mumbai that sell a wide variety of cheesecakes. Our cheesecake menu is extensive. We sell both cold-set and baked cheesecakes in several forms: cheesecake, cheesecake cups, cheesecake jars, cheesecake slices and cheesecake tubs.

2 cups warm sense of hospitality
1 cup consistency
1 tbsp attention to detail
Fistful of love
In every batch we curate and dispatch


Our vision is to satiate every sweet tooth out there


Our mission is to serve all customers to the best of our ability and never leave a customer unhappy with our products.

Our USP is our Cheesecakes. Be it cold-set or baked cheesecakes, they are our hero product. We do have a few fast sellers but know that whatever flavor you choose it will leave you wanting more.